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Ms. Angela Stefan Trubceac

Ms. Angela Stefan Trubceac left a positive review 3/10/2020

Great inspirational talk: turn the moment into the movement! Otherwise so what?

Ms. Karen M. O'Hara

Ms. Karen M. O'Hara left a positive review 11/20/2019

A wonderful event that brings the traditional American Thanksgiving to our international students. We enjoyed it very much!

Emma Catherine Louise Steigerwald

Emma Catherine Louise Steigerwald left a positive review 11/15/2019

It was so much fun! Good food, good music, great atmosphere. What a magical evening!

Dr. Elisabeth Widom

Dr. Elisabeth Widom left a negative review 11/4/2019

We showed up at 3:00 PM, at the start time for the event, and only one vendor (not our company) was there. We waited for about 5 minutes, and no one else appeared, so we left. We had also been under the impression that there would be a presentation from someone explaining the rationale for and impact of the changes, but that apparently was not the intention. It is therefor unclear why we were asked to sign up for the event.

Mr. David C. Kuentz

Mr. David C. Kuentz left a negative review 11/4/2019

We went at 3pm: one vendor was there (not ours). We talked with him briefly, but otherwise it was a waste of time.