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Founded in 1998, Swing Syndicate moves to traditional Swing-Jazz music, primarily though the dances of Lindy Hop, Charleston, and Blues.

We are the only Miami org. that dances like the worldwide swing community today. Our dancing is quite different from "ballroom swing". Many ballroom studios have a standardized curriculum; over time, much of ballroom swing's "flavor" was lost in favor of blending well with established ballroom traditions. We, on the other hand, dance to the original jumpin' big band sounds as experienced in Harlem in the 1920s through 1940s.

Syndicate Syndicate is run by elected student officers who promote our organization through monthly social dances, weekly lessons, a performance/competition team, social activities, and other forms of outreach. Since our founding over 18 years ago (!), Swing Syndicate has grown and continues to create excitement about vintage Swing Dancing throughout Miami University.

Our lessons and events are beginner-friendly and open to all!

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