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To confront the questions and challenges in life that have no easy answers requires, in Kant’s words, the courage to use one’s own understanding. Our mission in the philosophy department at Miami University is to empower our students to live courageous and thoughtful lives by passing on to them the rich inheritance of the philosophical tradition: its great texts, its central problems and questions, and its distinctive methods of critical thought, reflection, questioning and self-questioning, lucid argumentation, and cogent writing.

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Dr. Shiloh Whitney portrait

Dr. Whitney proposes a concept of affective injustice: a unique variety of social injustice that hinges on hierarchies of affective capacities rather than...

2/28 4:30pm
Dr. Amia Srinivasan portrait

Feminism has reawakened. So too has men's anxiety about being unjustly punished by vengeful women. What animates the cultural hysteria about false rape...

3/19 4:30pm
Dr. Allen Wood portrait

Ancient ethics considered friendship an important topic. We see this in Plato, Aristotle and Cicero. But if you ask who is the modern moral philosopher for...

4/10 4:30pm

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