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Worldwide Stories of Interconnected Lives

A World Cafe Forum

The stories you need to tell and the world needs to hear.

At this world café forum, Miami students, faculty, and staff with worldwide experiences will share their own stories reflecting on how their cross-cultural journeys and intercultural connections influence the development of their sense of belonging to a larger community(ies), and influence the intersectionality of their cultural identity(ies).

5:30pm - 7pm | MacMillan Hall, Great Room (MMH 212) | Reception starts at 5pm

This event is open to international students and students returning from study abroad/away.

Registration opens on February 6, 2020 until 40 seats are secured for students and 10 seats are secured for faculty/staff. 

Thursday, February 27 at 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Macmillan Hall, 212
531 E. Spring St, Oxford, OH 45056

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