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With Elizabeth Wardle and Lizzie Hutton

This two-part workshop will first introduce research on how to help students read in the ways people in your field/discipline expect, and then provide a heuristic for helping students take effective notes on their reading.  Finally we will discuss ways students can synthesize what they have learned in an appropriate review of what they read.  

Part 1: Teaching Students to Read Effectively for Your Courses. Research tells us that faculty in different disciplines read and use texts differently, yet students usually have  little to no instruction in how to read as we expect. This workshop will share some of the research about reading and provide suggestions for how to help your students read more effectively.  

Part 2: Teaching Students to Write Effective Syntheses and Literature. Once students know how to read in active and purpose-driven ways, they struggle to take notes and look for patterns and themes. This workshop will share some methods for helping students take notes on ideas and themes across multiple sources, with the goal of synthesizing multiple sources and writing a literature review.  

Participants are encouraged to attend both, but may also attend only one. 

  • When:  
    • Part 1: Wednesday, April 10 from 11:40—1
    • Part 2: Wednesday, April 17 from 11:40—1
  • Where:  King Library Room 133 (The HCWE) 


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  • Mr. Carter Edward Wade

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