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Emily Channell-Justice, Director of the Temerty Contemporary Ukrainian Program at Harvard University's Ukrainian Research Institute

In 2013, Fulbright scholar Emily Channell-Justice arrived in Kyiv to research student activism in Ukraine. Her planned project took a dramatic turn when the groups she was studying participated in the Euromaidan protests that broke out in November of that year. Channell-Justice was the only Western scholar embedded among the protestors: she took over 3000 photographs of the event that she donated to King Library when she was a Teaching Fellow at Miami University through the Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies.


Channell-Justice will return to campus to talk about the protests 10 years after they took place and to reflect on how the self-organization she observed in 2013 helps to explain Ukrainian reactions to the full-scale invasion launched by Russia in February 2022. We will also debut the website housing Channell-Justice's photographs.

  • Evelyn Mendoza-Mendoza
  • Lauren Coviello
  • Katherine D Fitzgerald

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