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550 E. Spring Street, Oxford, OH 45056

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The Tea Tasting event is an opportunity to try an assortment of different beverages from all over the world, showcase a variety of tea-drinking cultures, and provide a space for all to relax and enjoy on a Thursday night.  All are welcome to take a sip around the world! 

Past teas served at this event include: English Breakfast tea, Ceylon tea, Jasmine tea, Viburnum tea, Zhuyeqing Green tea, Fuding White tea, Lapsang souchong black tea, black currant tea, Champurrado, chocolate la abuelita, milk tea, Matcha, Hojicha, Oolong, Indian Chai, Kashmiri Chai, Somali Shaah, Sassafras and more.

Come see and sip what teas will be shared this year. 

If you are interested in sharing a tea (or similar beverage) with the community, welcome to host a tea tasting table