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550 E. Spring Street, Oxford, OH 45056

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Storm Lake: A Newspaper. A Family. A Community.

During this special event:

  • View an award-winning documentary, set to debut publicly next month, about journalism, democracy, immigration and citizenship.
  • Participate in a virtual Q&A with Co-Director Beth Levison and Storm Lake Times Editor Art Cullen.
  • Learn about a special Miami history course devoted to studying the community of Storm Lake, Iowa. 

“Storm Lake” tells the story of the biweekly, family-run Storm Lake Times, and the changing Iowa town it calls home.

Viewers meet Art Cullen, winner of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing, an oldschool journalist who has dedicated his life to the Times even as he challenges powerful local interests.

Working with his brother, wife, sister-in-law and son, Cullen doggedly reports on the town even in the face of anti-press sentiment and COVID-19 revenue hits. Despite setbacks, financial pressures and even quarantine, the Cullens continue to exercise their First Amendment rights and deliver the news their community needs.

There’s simply too much at stake not to.

Hosted by the Department of Media, Journalism and Film and the Department of History