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Presenters: Leighton Peterson and Elizabeth Hoover, Liberal Education, and Ellen Yezierski, Center for Teaching Excellence.

Signature Inquiry courses in the new Miami Plan require active learning approaches, address specific Signature Inquiry topics, facilitate meaningful student inquiry, and demonstrate the synthesis of knowledge in multiple disciplines to engage students in opportunities to meet global challenges. This two-part workshop supports instructors who aim to develop Signature Inquiry assignments and courses. Participants will (1) investigate the pedagogical features of Signature Inquiries; and (2) practice transforming teacher-centered approaches to those that promote deep engagement and interdisciplinary application of content to Signature Inquiry topics. Be sure to bring your laptop computer.

It is highly recommended to attend both days (Jan. 9 and Jan. 11) of the workshop.  You must attend the Jan. 9 workshop to participate in the Jan. 11 workshop. Lunch will be provided.