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November is Native American Heritage Month at Miami University. Register for this Zoom webinar featuring Dr. Sonya Atalay for this presentation titled, "Repatriation, Reclaiming, and Indigenous Wellbeing: Braiding New Research Worlds" on Friday, November 30th, 2021 at 12pm

Title: Braiding New Research Worlds: Reclaiming, Storywork, & Indigenous Wellbeing

 In this talk Dr. Atalay presents their current work on a series of land-based archaeology and repatriation projects utilizing a community-based participatory research approach with Indigenous youth and elders. Centering Anishinaabe epistemologies and concepts of well-being, they explore how reclaiming traditional knowledge, ancestral remains, Indigenous language, and sacred sites are viewed as contributing to healing and well-being. They discuss their use of arts-based research and knowledge mobilization methods --including collaborative comics, storybaskets and counter mapping, and virtual reality applications -- as part of Indigenous storywork, demonstrating how lessons drawn from reclaiming tangible and intangible heritage provide a model for imagining decolonized research futures.