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Martha Weber, ORU Coordinator, invites you to learn more about what the Undergraduate Research Committee Members expect in your URA proposal?  Tips for Writing your best proposal review the evaluation criteria in the URA Guidelines.

  • Readability and Format: Is the proposal easily understood and free of technical jargon?
  • Does the application follow the format in the guidelines?
  • Clarity: Is the research problem or creative activity clearly articulated?
  • Significance and Educational Value: Is the problem worth solving?
  • Why is the work important to your discipline? Are the skills to be learned of high academic quality and significance?
  • Feasibility and Student Preparation:
    Can the problem be solved, or the research/creative activity performed within the time available (one semester) and with facilities available to the student? Does the student have adequate training and experience to undertake and complete the project?
  • Budget: Is the budget reasonable, specific, and accurate?

URA Online Student Application Deadline by 5:00pm Monday Oct 17, 2022

  • Ms. Avery Alice Walton
  • Martha Weber

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