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701 East Spring Street, Oxford, OH. 45056
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In this lecture, Linda Greenhouse -- Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for the New York Times and author of a half-dozen best-selling books on the U.S. Supreme Court -- will discuss recent changes in the composition of the Court and how those changes are already shaping the landscape of American consitutional law.


Linda Greenhouse currently teaches at Yale Law School and is the author of the memoir Just a Journalist: On the Press, Life and the Spaces Between (Harvard University Press, 2017). Other books include The U.S. Supreme Court: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press, 2012), Becoming Justice Blackmun (Times Books, 2006), Justice on the Brink: A Requiem for the Supreme Court (Random House, 2022), and The Burger Court and the Rise of the Judicial Right (with Michael Graetz; Simon and Schuster, 2017).

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