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4200 N. University Boulevard, Middletown, OH 45042

Free Event

Tammie L. Gerke, teaching professor in Geology at Miami University, will share the geology, archaeology, history, and other interesting information as we trek across the U.S. Talks will include visits to the southwest, upstate New York, and the midwest as we look at the new Ohio UNESCO sites. Get your questions answered and participate in a lively discussion on these national treasures.

Learn about the incredible geologic history of northern Utah and how it played a role in preserving more than 1,500 different dinosaur fossils. We will also learn how one of the most complete exposures of the geologic rock record in the National Park system was ultimately brought to view. We will also learn about different peoples who called this area home as well as various adventurers and historical figures that have a connection with this area. |