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Kaltura Training

Join us for a session on everything Kaltura. We’ll go over the basics of uploading and embedding a video in your course with My Media, recording with Kaltura Personal Capture, as well as additional features like adding chapter markers, sharing videos with colleagues, correcting automatic closed captioning, and using Kaltura’s very basic editing capabilities.

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Thursday, August 6 at 8:30am to 9:30am

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Dr. Chi-Hao Cheng

Dr. Chi-Hao Cheng left a positive review 8/5/2020

It was very helpful

Dr. James C. Moller

Dr. James C. Moller left a positive review 8/5/2020

This was excellent. Even if it did not go entirely as planned. The slides and presentation of them were clear and at the right level. Importantly, the focus was on HOW to make videos. Right after the meeting, I went and began to try Kaltura and other environments out and build my skill

Dr. Michael A. Curme

Dr. Michael A. Curme left a positive review 8/5/2020

The three options are not mutually exclusive and exhaustive. The host was excellent, 5-stars, especially given the less than ideal conditions. The content was fine, there was much more to cover than time allows. Some recognition of recording in Webex and/or Zoom and editing within Kaltura might have been useful.

Dr. Valerie Cross

Dr. Valerie Cross left a positive review 7/20/2020

Learned about so many helpful features besides just recording a video. Provided details about many features that I will use for my course.

Dr. Allen R. McConnell

Dr. Allen R. McConnell left a positive review 7/20/2020

It was useful, and Rachel answered our questions well (esp impressive given the range from super simple to complex). She didn't know everything (e.g., will translation work with foreign languages), but I don't expect people to know everything.

Dr. Ilaria Tabusso Marcyan

Dr. Ilaria Tabusso Marcyan left a positive review 7/20/2020

It was useful, i have a few more questions about caption, to whom shall I talk?