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401 S Maple Ave, Oxford, OH 45056

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Artist Kahlil Robert Irving is the 2019 Young Sculptors Competition Yeck Purchase Award winner as chosen by 2019 juror, Don Desmett. In the exhibition, (Timelines), the work interpolates the artist's archive of digital images and how the reality of the use of technology has continued to interfere with understanding of signs, symbols, and narrative. Politically the work touches on a range of content. Pushing back on the perpetrator of violent crimes against Black Americans, Irving highlights power structures that are unevenly balanced in this country and uses the work to give multiple avenues into deciphering why that may be. There are many points of entry and small places of rest within the work. Instead of us moving our fingers to slide up and down social media feeds, as the viewer we will move around this wall as an extension of that action. A slow glance or a speedy walk through gets to the gesture of contemporary digital media experience. Currently residing in St. Louis, Irving will be one of the forty artists from around the world, in the 2021 New Museum Triennial: Soft Water Hard Stone, New York, in late October 2021.


  • Bella Marie Roberts
  • Julia Fortney

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