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Free Event

Oxford - McVey Data Science Building 168
Wednesday, March 6, 2024, 4:30 – 6pm

Join Kevin Reuning, Center for Analytics and Data Science Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor in Political Science, as he leads an activity-driven exploration of the (sometimes hidden) connections that link us as a society.

Over three consecutive Wednesday evenings, Reuning will help the audience take their knowledge of R and data analysis as it pertains to more traditional data sets and apply it to the interconnected web that is the foundation of a social networking modelling.

March 6th: Introduction to network terminology and data
March 13th: Visualizing networks
March 20th: Calculating basic network statistics

This entry in the CADS Faculty Fellow Boot Camp Series presumes at least some level of R proficiency and working knowledge of basic data analysis principles.

Attendance is capped at 35, and priority will be given to those students, faculty, and staff with specializations in data analysis or political science.

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Event Locator: 2024-ACLTAH