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Looking to meet with Miamians from a certain part of the world?

Or, have you traveled, want to travel, lived in, or are interested in a certain part of the world? 

If you are from, lived in, traveled to, or interested in Central and South America and Carribean,  then you are welcome and encouraged to make International Connections. 

Join fellow Miamians who want to connect with others from a specific country, region, heritage or language at this event or welcome to attend any of the International Connections series happening throughout the semester. 

September 21: Central and South America and Caribbean 

September 25: East Asia

September 28: South Asia 

These International Connections events will be held at the International Student Center, MacMillan 017 with breakout rooms across MacMillan Hall. Activities and light refreshments will be provided.  Attendees welcome to share a game, activity, info about another upcoming event, or other ways to stay connected.

Please reach out to if you would like to plan a meet up for a certain region, country, heritage, language, etc.


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