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Intergroup Dialogue Basics: Evidence-Based, Anti-Racist Strategies for Leveraging Diversity and Empathy in the Classroom

Intergroup Dialogue Seminar Series, Part 1

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Presenters: Anjali Jain, doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program; Bennyce Hamilton, Regional Director of Diversity & Multicultural Services and Deputy Title IX Coordinator; and Tarah Trueblood, Director of the Center for American and World Cultures

Regardless of class size and academic discipline, diversity in the classroom is both an opportunity and a challenge. Faculty and students often experience tension related to the different perspectives and lived experiences represented. This tension can be leveraged to enhance teaching and learning for everyone, and students retain more content when connected with the learning process. In this workshop you will learn three simple strategies: content and identity-related ice breakers; classroom ground-rules; and cultivation of dialogue. These strategies draw on 30+ years of intergroup dialogue research conducted by University of Michigan. This workshop is intended for any faculty or staff member interested in student success.

Friday, February 12 at 10:00am to 11:30am

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