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7847 Voa Park Drive, West Chester, OH 45069

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This is a 3 part event. Register to attend.


Workshop 1 is "Why Export?" The workshop will cover the statistics of taking your business abroad, what exactly is an export, how to classify your product(s), what are duty and tax implications, and client examples.


(Oct. 4)


Workshop 2 is titled "How to Market Your Product. It will cover how to determine the best market for your product, and learn about market indicators. Also, consider if you need an agent or distributor and what are your IP and legal risks.


(Oct. 18)


Workshop 3 is titled "Cultural Impact, Financing, Loans, and Licensing.” It will cover SBA Financing, securing a loan, and international tools to facilitate payment. Topics will also include, what is an export license, and cultural differences to consider when doing business abroad.


 (Nov. 8)


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