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The new, Miami Global Readiness Certificate (GRC) is launching a cohort exclusively with students in the College of Arts & Science in the Spring of 2021. The GRC is designed for students of all majors who want to position themselves strategically for employment in today's increasingly competitive, diverse, and global workforce.

This certificate is a distinction on your official transcript and can be added to your resume as soon as you are accepted. The application only takes about 15 minutes, so don't delay!

As a scholar within the program, you'll take specific courses, attend intercultural programs, complete a community engagement project and study abroad/away (or complete an alternative option) to help you develop interdisciplinary global knowledge. This program is perfect for students who want to increase their cross-cultural understanding, communication and leadership skills. If you'd like to learn more before applying, join us for an information session!

NOTE: These two sessions are designated specifically for international students to address unique questions and experience they may have; however, international students may attend any of the sessions that fit with their schedule. 


  • Sarah Lin
  • Nathan DeVries

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A link to the meeting will be sent to those registered prior to the session.