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Registration closes at 2:00 p.m. EDT on September 21.

Presenters: Karen Meyers, Business Legal Studies and FYIC, and Jennifer Green, Psychology

This workshop will focus on identifying and building the skills necessary to engage in respectful dialogue with others. From the classroom to boardroom, conflict to resolution, "Respect is Key" in our quest to maximize our contribution in the classrooms and the communities we serve, as well as the members/stakeholders we encounter. The workshop discussions will revolve around topics such as paradigm identification, unconscious and systemic bias, listening, open questions, mutual tolerance, perils of isolation, collaboration, and bridge-building. This workshop will also address the challenges of facilitating discussions around diversity, race, and social justice. We will identify challenges and discuss specific strategies and how to use the tools to facilitate respectful discussions that promote values of anti-racism and inclusion and social justice.

Karen Meyers has a Doctorate in Law, Master's in Business, and Master's in Education, and is a Certified Property Casualty Underwriter, Certified Life Underwriter, Fellow of the Life Management Institute, Certified Structured Settlement Consultant, and holds a Master Certificate in Structured Settlement. She has served in 9/11, various civil rights case settlements, as an expert witness and a Settlement Master in Class Actions. She co-developed the national Certification Program and a Master's Certificate Program for the Structured Settlement Industry, which is co-sponsored by The University of Notre Dame. She has taught part-time at Miami University for over 24 years and has recently assumed a full-time position in The Farmer School of Business.

Jennifer Green is a Clinical Professor and a psychologist in the Department of Psychology at Miami University. She teaches courses in clinical child psychology assessment, intervention and psychopathology. Jen supervises doctoral students, providing therapy and assessment services to children, adolescents, and families. Integrating evidence-based practices with culturally competent services that attend to various aspects of diversity (racial/ethnic, sexuality, gender, religion, etc.) and other important individual differences is an important focus of Jen's teaching and clinical supervision.