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151 S. Campus Ave., Oxford, OH 45056

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Join the Miami University Libraries in partnership with the Myaamia Center and the Miami Tribe for an exhibition reception on Wednesday, Nov. 9 in King 320. Members of the Miami Tribe will share the Coming Out Story, the oldest story the Myaamia people have for themselves, giving attendees an opportunity to hear one of the stories connected to specific places in myaamionki (Myaamia lands) and learn about the heritage of the Myaamia people.

Curated by the Myaamia Center and co-hosted by the Walter Havighurst Special Collections, "Since Time Immemorial..." highlights the history of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and their relationship with their homelands and Miami University.

The event reflects a shared commitment to neepwaantiinki — “learning from each other” — which has played a key role in the Miami Tribe’s language revitalization efforts and has led to the first generation in nearly 100 years learning to speak the Myaamia language.

An exhibition tour and light refreshments will follow the storytelling program.