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701 E. Spring St., Oxford, OH 45056
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This event is hosted by the College of Education, Health, and Society, the Department of Teacher Education, and the Department of Educational Leadership The Reimagine Education Conference is an undergraduate student lead conference on Monday November 29-Tuesday November 30 representing student work from nearly 500 Miami University Students. The project specifications vary across classes; key similarities across the sections, however, are commitments to collaborative work and to multicultural, interdisciplinary, democratic, and social justice themes. The keynote speaker is Dr. Cheryl Matias who is a Full Professor and Director of Secondary Teacher Education at the University of Kentucky. Her research focuses on race and ethnic studies in education with a theoretical focus on critical race theory, critical whiteness studies, critical pedagogy and feminism of color.  Specifically, she uses a feminist of color approach to deconstruct the emotionality of whiteness in urban teacher education and how it impacts urban education.  Her other research interest is on motherscholarship and supporting woman of color and motherscholars in the academy. 

Keynote Speaker Dr. Cheryl Matias

 "CRT, Teaching, and White Women's Tears, Oh My: Hysteria in Racially Just Teaching"