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We hope you will join us for our next Dragonfly Diversity Cafe via Zoom. All students, alumni, instructional team members, partners, and friends of Dragonfly are welcome to join.

Date: Thursday, March 17, 2022

Time: 7:30 p.m. EST

This talk may be recorded.

Speaker: Dr. Ancileno (Leno) Davis, Senior Scientist and Policy Analyst at the Bahamas National Trust

Title: Science and Perspective: The Importance of Local Knowledge for Global Conservation

Description: Having traveled to 13 countries and territories discussing and learning about conservation methods and techniques, Dr. Ancilleno Davis found that the key element that affects failure and success seems to be local involvement. Dr. Davis will discuss how diversity affects understanding and action in conservation engagement.

About Leno: Leno Davis earned his Ph.D. from Miami University’s Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology program in 2018 and serves as the Senior Scientist and Policy Analyst at the Bahamas National Trust; is a member of the National Environmental Health Board; chairs the National Technical Committee on Environmental Protection and Management under the Bureau of Standards and Quality; and owns the Science and Perspective Brand. His career focus is on community education and capacity building to support local autonomy in science-based environmental decision-making. Dr. Leno has taught students ages 2 to 101 years old about environmental issues, teaching at three universities, in 13 countries, and on at least 30 islands. He follows the Doer’s Code and believes “We can each use more science, but we need more perspective.”

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