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1601 University Blvd., Hamilton, OH 45011

"Clare and Irene, two childhood friends, lost touch when Clare's father died and she moved in with two white aunts. By hiding that Clare was part-black, they allowed her to 'pass' as a white woman and marry a white racist. Irene lives in Harlem, commits herself to racial uplift, and marries a black doctor. The novel centers on the meeting of the two childhood friends later in life, and the unfolding of events as each woman is fascinated and seduced by the other's daring lifestyle. The novel traces a tragic path as Irene becomes paranoid that her husband is having an affair with Clare." (publisher)

The discussion will be broadcasted to the Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for attendees who would like to meet face-to-face. You will also be able to attend via Zoom. Lunch will be provided for face-to-face attendees. 

Use our sign-up form if you are coming to one of the centers for lunch.  

  • Ms. Alicia Castillo Shrestha

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