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Miami University’s Dance Theatre will present its annual Winter Concert on Saturday, December 3 at 7:30  p.m. and Sunday, December 4 at 2 p.m.
Dance Theatre’s eclectic style continues to include elements of many dance forms—from modern to contemporary to jazz and sometimes tap and modern ballet.

Featuring the choreography of 3 guest dance professionals, company director, Lana Kay Rosenberg, and selected company members, the music will range from classical to contemporary to complement the varied choreographic themes.

The Cheezies, Miami University’s oldest acapella singing group, will perform a set.


Free for Miami students with their student ID at the Wilks Theater box office before the concert,

$10 students/seniors: $12 in advance general admission and $15 at the door. Contact the Box Office/Home Office, 034 CAB or online.

There is a TalkBack after the Saturday concert, providing an opportunity to meet the choreographers and dancers and ask questions.

The program: 

I am…therefore I can, choreographed by Dance Theatre Company director Lana Kay Rosenberg, is about strength and confidence in oneself in some way.  The 8 dancers, all new apprentices to the company, were asked to choose text that was important or suggested personal strength to them in some way. I am…therefore I can was created by all, edited and organized with additional movement added by Rosenberg.   The music is by Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai. 

Guest choreographer, Tracey Bonner has worked as a professional performer, a tenured professor, and now is in arts advocacy in Dayton.  True jazz dance that has evolved from its origins with music, is about freedom of expression, improvisation, dynamic rhythm, and virtuosity. This piece, Living OUTLoud, is about the discovery of individuality through all the movement ideologies of the human condition and celebrates the fact we can once again gather and enjoy art and art making together. We find the courage to Live OUTloud.

Guest choreographer, Anthony Alterio, an Assistant Professor of Dance at the State University of New York at Fredonia, has set Kerplunking Retroactively, a fast paced technically advanced movement piece abstractly dubbed a love letter to one's self worth. The dance investigates looking at life changing decisions one personally makes and how far one is willing to invest in any one decision.

Guest choreographer and Dance Theatre 2018 alumna Kendall Nelson returned from Chicago to set So close so far, the third dance she has made for the Company. Initially drawn to the music, “The Dance” by Charlotte Martin, because of the underlying drumbeat and the lyrics, So close so far explores allowing ourselves to sense our true feelings (discouragement, anger, bitterness, etc.) while learning to find support around us through connection with others and productive outlets. 

Vivian Sessions, a senior from Cleveland, OH, is studying Media and Culture and Psychology. This semester, she is choreographing her second piece for Dance Theatre, Cellophane. The dance is set to two works of music by WILLOW and FKA twigs, which heavily influenced it’s creation. Throughout the piece, seven dancers confront, battle, and shy away from forms of internal and external struggle, sometimes united, and other times, on their own.

Alison Page is a senior from Chicago, IL studying psychology and neuroscience. She is very excited to be choreographing her fourth piece for Dance Theatre, The Unkindness of Love. This piece, set to music by Remy Van Kesteren, George Ezra, and Lavinia Meijer, is a narrative story detailing the events of two characters falling in and out of love, and the emotional changes that come with those experiences.

Angelina Silvestri, a senior Architecture major and General Business minor from Lincolnshire, IL, has choreographed Join or and Die, set to Ital Tek's Blood Rain and Forest Sword's Raw Language, is her third piece for the company.  It is a statement on the importance of individuality and diversity within a society; when we bring together people with different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and all learn from each other, we are stronger

Rose Kurutz is a sophomore from Chicago majoring in strategic communications with a co-major in Arts Management and a minor in Theatre. Let’s Unpack, her first piece for Dance Theatre is about the stigma around mental illness and the institutionalization of treatment. The first music by The Baltimores alternates between a faster and slower theme meant to represent recklessness and apathy. The second by The Avalanches demonstrates how conformity is often prioritized over healing. 

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