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151 S. Campus Ave., Oxford, OH 45056
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Miami has been selected as one of five schools to host a special 4-week CATAN special university event. Over the course of four weeks Miami will be hosting various CATAN events with prizes. For full details, visit

Week 4

Extra Life and Library Game Night

Our final event will be a CATAN Tournament to crown the Miami CATAN champion. The tournament will have 32 spots, with sign-ups starting at 11 a.m. as part of Extra Life. Priority for spots will be given to Miami students. Anyone who participates can choose one CATAN pin. Anyone who wins a game of CATAN can get two additional pins, with anyone finishing second getting one additional pin. Anyone who plays CATAN will also be entered in a play-and-win drawing.

Participants will be limited to one of each pin.

Tournament rules

Players will be placed at random.

Each round, all games will begin simultaneously and have a 60 minute time-limit. Should a game reach the time limit, players will complete their current turn cycle, such that each player has played an equal number of turns – the player with the most points advances.

  • Round 1: Eight games will be held. The winner of each game will advance to the next round.
  • Round 2: Two games will be held with the winners of the previous eight games being randomly seated for the new game. The winners and second place players will advance. In the event of a tie for second place, the player who would be next in turn order breaks the tie.
  • Round 3: Players will be randomly seated for a final game.

After the tournament, prizes will be awarded. See website for prize information.

Hosted by: League of Geeks, MU Meeples: Tabletop Gaming Club, Miami University Libraries, Miami University Green Gamers, Student Activities (Oxford)

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