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401 S Maple Ave, Oxford, OH 45056

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In the exhibition, Suspended Animation, “rhythmic gestures are used as a research method to consider how technology is employed for self-fashioning. In making visible both the restrictions and the freedoms of digital culture, I explore how identities and histories are created, transformed, or invented. For some, technology is a means to an end: a memoir, a fictional history, an intimate view of a person’s life. Others interrogate the power relations of these same tools, from "big data" consumer portraits to facial recognition software. The exhibited work manipulates technologies to narrate, alter, augment, or invent new identities and histories - to imagine another world. The idea of individual context, of experiential relativity, threads together the works in this exhibition, and structures its form and its content. The visitor is invited to encounter new virtual environments and travel a branching, non-linear, path through works that explore the convergence of perception, narrativity, and self-expression.

As for the here and now - I’m thinking about what Curtis Mayfield did for D’Angelo’s harmonies, Allen Iverson’s cornrow braids, and the rusted Ford pickup truck at my late-grandfather's house. In a performance in 2018 Erykah Badu sang “remembering is good as long as it doesn’t lead to fear.” I’m curious about the vastness of the memorial pathways Badu references - how trauma travels through space and time, how it can be revealed, inherited, and disrupted. I’m thinking a lot about how sound is experienced and how it transforms into time. Does time reside in the shadow of memory or fantasy? If I show up in the shape of a sound would you recognize me? These questions, like dreams, remove me from the world to find what lies beyond it.” Currently an Assistant Professor at Syracuse University (NY), Logan Dandridge received the MFA degree from the University of Oxford (UK) and the BA degree from the University of Virginia, (VA).





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