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Professors Andrew Casper (Art and Architecture History) and Wietse de Boer (History) have recently published books that offer significant new insights into the contentious issues surrounding the impact of the Reformation crisis and Catholic reform on the visual arts in Italy and other parts of the Catholic world in the second half of the 1500s. Following brief introductions by Professors Casper and De Boer, student panelists will moderate a conversation with them and the audience on the theme of the event. This discussion, in conjunction with courses that both will be teaching in the spring semester, will provide a forum in which they can share the major themes and topics from their books, as well as provide context for this important period in the history of art, culture, and religion. This event will feature works of art from the Miami University Art Museum to share the latest insights into the role of visual images for devotion, the theological debates about the validity of images, controversies that arose in response to the Protestant Reformation, and other themes.

  • Ms. Sherri Krazl
  • Kierston Anika Hall
  • Tessie Griffin Sheehan

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