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A Conversation with Nikki Giovanni: Anti-Racist Activism Then and Now

Nikki Giovanni engages with a  panel of past and present Miami students in an open dialogue about what activism looked like during the Civil Rights era compared to what activism looks like today.


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Monday, January 18 at 1:00pm to 2:30pm

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Mr. William Martin Modrow

Mr. William Martin Modrow left a positive review 1/17/2021

What an inspiring person!

Ms. Diane Fellows

Ms. Diane Fellows left a positive review 1/17/2021

Wonderful! Nikki Giovanni- a mentor to all. The students were/are terrific. We need to hear more from the students! Afterwards, I revisited the 1971 conversation - Nikki Giovanni and James Baldwin- when two generations leaned in. More! Thank you for putting the session together.

Adrianna Elizabeth Parker

Adrianna Elizabeth Parker left a positive review 1/17/2021

Great conversation and very comical.

Ms. Katie Marie Sellers

Ms. Katie Marie Sellers left a positive review 1/17/2021

This was a VERY different conversation than I expected. The student panel was focused, calm and collected (bravo!) even when she said some very candid and surprising things. As an older student, I found her commentary and sass very refreshing and far more honest about being human than is typical in academic events. I'm glad I attended.

Dr. Helane Adams Androne

Dr. Helane Adams Androne left a positive review 1/17/2021

I really enjoyed Giovanni's raw, honest, humorous, and poignant comments. Her forthright perspective is in line with her history as an activist during a tumultuous time that seems to mirror our moment in some ways. That makes what she said all the more relevant.

Ms. Javiera Chanel Green

Ms. Javiera Chanel Green left a positive review 1/17/2021

This was a life changing conversation that I felt honored to be apart of.

Ms. Christe L. McKittrick

Ms. Christe L. McKittrick left a review 1/17/2021

I thought the questions asked by the panel were very good, but they were largly unanswered.

Dr. Paul D. Flaspohler

Dr. Paul D. Flaspohler left a review 1/17/2021

It was entertaining and interesting but felt like it meandered off point quite a bit. I really enjoyed Dr. Giovanni's discussion but really wanted more to chew on other than her off-the-cuff reflections (as humorous and charming as they were).

Lauren Elizabeth Doll

Lauren Elizabeth Doll left a positive review 1/17/2021

Very interesting and enlightening, especially as I am not black it was good to hear things from her point of view to help me understand what she and many other go through more

Rhonda J. Jackson MSTR

Rhonda J. Jackson MSTR left a review 1/17/2021

I feel like the panel style does not work well with virtual environments because it is difficult to monitor the conversation. I truly admire Nikki Giovanni work but felt the conversations went off the rails at times because of the disconnect of the panel style format