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With Caitlin Martin, Graduate Assistant Director at the HCWE

In this 3-part workshop, participants will discuss deep learning and assessment strategies and have time to collaboratively (re)design an assessment for a learning site of their choosing (classroom, program, major, department). This workshop series is designed to support faculty in thinking about multiple kinds of assessment and the connections between levels and approaches. In Session 1, we will discuss theories of deep learning and consider the kinds of learning we’re asking of our students. In Session 2, we will build on this conversation with strategies and principles for assessing learning in multiple ways. Session 3 will be a collaborative working session for participants to (re)design an assessment for their class. Interested participants should plan to attend all three sessions, which will take place on Zoom from 10:05AM—11:20AM.

Session 1 (Tuesday, Feb. 2): What is deep learning and how does it happen? 

Session 2 (Tuesdsay, Feb. 9): What is authentic assessment and how do I do it?

Session 3 (Tuesday, Feb. 16): Collaborative assessment (re)design workshop

Each session is capped at 20 attendees. We want to ensure maximum participation opportunities in a synchronous online environment. If you are not among the first 20 people to register for a session, we'll let you know and place you on a waiting list.

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