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Welling Lecture: “Scenes of Subjection”: Carceral Logics and Disability Labor at the Intersections

Join Dr. Nirmala Erevelles, Professor of Social and Cultural Studies in Education at the University of Alabama, for the Kate Welling Disability Awareness Lecture!

Dr. Erevelles will theorize disability as a historical materialist practice that is appropriated by the carceral state to implicate disposable bodies and justify violence against them at the structural junctions where race, class, gender, and queer subjectivities intersect. Beginning with historical narratives of black women facing unimaginable violence via the post slavery systems of punishment that included first the convict leasing system and later the chain gang, Dr. Everelles marks the historical continuities/discontinuities with contemporary violent practices of the carceral state against women and girls located in special education classrooms, alternative schools, juvenile detention homes, and prisons. into bare life” (qtd. in Haley, p. 87). She argues here that disability as a historical-materialist practice is deployed to justify carceral violence against black girls/women while at the same time becoming the abject outcome of this same violence.

The Kate Welling Disability Awareness Lecture Series is named in honor of Miami student Kate Welling.

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Monday, April 12 at 7:00pm

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Emily Louise Cluen

Emily Louise Cluen left a review 4/11/2021

Dr. Erevelles had a great topic and message to share but I don't think the way in which she did so was the most effective. I was expecting a lecture, not the reading of an academic paper. I found myself getting lost in the academic language and wished she had adapted it more to be a talk. Nevertheless, I learned some new things and was glad to have attended.