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2020-2021 John W. Altman Symposium: Migrations (Day 2)

The Altman Symposium is the final event in the 2020-2021 Altman Program, which has invited faculty, students, alumni, and the public to explore the geographical, artistic, psychological, cultural, and linguistic aspects of human migration. What are the causes—economic, religious, ethnic, political, environmental—of exodus and resettlement? What can we learn from those who have left, or been driven from, their homelands? Whose stories of migration gain traction, and what are the politics of its representation? What new aesthetic formations result from migration? And how can modern societies use the history of global migrations to chart ethical solutions to the challenges of the present?  

Friday 10 a.m. Geoffrion Family Undergraduate Fellows

Jessica Baloun, “Ticket to Freedom: A Case Study in Soviet Mobility and the Nansen Passport”

Savannah Powell, “Mount Halla is Home: Sketches of Identity in Postwar Zainichi Korean Literature”

Sean Longbrake, “Writers Abroad: Language and Assimilation in the Writings of Ovid, Tsvetaeva, and Kerr”

Elyse Legeay, “On Agency and Aspiration: Exploring the Disconnect between Aid Organizations and Syrian Refugee Women in Za’atari”

Faith Walker, “Colonial Craftsmen, American Expansion, and the Environment: A Retrospective History”

Friday 12 p.m.  Migrations and the Imaginary

Nalin Jayasena, “Neoliberalization of the 'Migration Industry' in Jacques Audiard's Dheepan

Anna Klosowska, “Remarkable Objects: The Byzantine History of Islamicate Art in Medieval France”

Mark McKinney, “The Border in French Comics”

Marisol del Teso-Craviotto, “The Emigration Social Imaginary in the Contemporary Spanish Press”

Friday 2.30 p.m.  Concluding discussion

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Friday, April 16 at 10:00am

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