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550 E. Spring Street, Oxford, OH 45056

  • Abbey Lily Falknor
  • Adam James Harr
  • Alec Philip Winterling
  • Alex David Mrosko

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center for student diversity and inclusion front space

center for student diversity and inclusion front space



Nice event with both Miami people and local community. Children presentations, a superb speaking of Carolyn Craig and a nice breakfast.

Enjoyed hearing about the ideas that sparked these LEAN projects; the mobile ID app, the suggest a LEAN ID process, the clear advancement path for dining hall student workers, the project focused on Miami's trees and the value they add to campus life.

Great food! Great punch. I wish the turn out was better but I loved it. Was able to meet a bunch of people and listen to news songs in other languages that I enjoyed.

Great to hear of the many accomplishments of students, faculty & staff! And to hear about the strategic plan!

It was a excellent conversation. She should return again.

Great and information on how to write a resume and what to include!!