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Create more effective online discussions in this demonstration with use cases and best practices by eLearning instructional designers.

7/9 1pm
Virtual Event
Virtual Synchronous Meetings

Effectively utilize virtual synchronous meetings in an face-to-face, hybrid, or online course with tools, tips, and best practices from an eLearning...

8/6 1pm
Virtual Event
Peer Reviews

In this demo, eLearning instructional designers will show you how to set up (and best use) peer reviews in an online or flexible format course.

7/22 11am
Virtual Event

Find out how to set up your online or flexible format course to enable group activities, projects, discussions, and more with eLearning instructional designers.

7/29 11am
Virtual Event
Rubrics and Outcomes

Learn how rubrics and outcomes can be used—and best applied—in an online or hybrid setting with an eLearning instructional designer.

7/6 1pm
Virtual Event
Course Structure

Learn more about implementing a module structure and building content pages in an online course.

7/15 11am
Virtual Event
Remote Proctoring

Examine use cases, settings, and troubleshooting tips for remote exam proctoring with an eLearning instructional designer.

8/12 11am
Virtual Event
Top Hat logo

Recurring event - click to view more dates

TopHat is a cloud-based system that you can use to create interactive presentations, share live quizzes and polls, take attendance, and more. Students can...

7/8 3pm
Virtual Event
Giving Feedback

eLearning instructional designers will share tools and best practices to allow for more effective feedback in an online or hybrid setting.

8/3 1pm
Virtual Event
Faculty-Led Winter 2020-21 Study Abroad Program Deadline

Most winter 2020-2021 program applications have a priority deadline of July 15.